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Client's Story

Story 1:
Date: March 2015
"Young-adult female married 3 months back. There was a dispute in the family over the pregnancy OR the tumor. It was 28-30 weeks uterus, when we examined, we found Leiomyoma (FIBROID) of the Uterus. We have removed surgically the fibroid, weighing 2.13 kgs., thereby saving uterus tube and ovary."

~ Dr. Anupama Nain and Dr. Suresh Kumar

Story 2:
Date: April 2015
"Patient came in to the casualty due to haemoptysis, with hemorrhaging socks. Patient had profuse bleeding from right lung. At Family Health Care: patient was intubated and thereafter ventilated. Its blood was replaced, with five arteries in upper right lobe of the lung. Bleeding was blocked successfully with MINIMAL INVASIVE TECHNIQUE, by intensive radiologist in CATH LAB. The patient was managed be reputed team of doctors. Patient Recover Well"

~ Dr. Deepak Pant (Intensive Radiologist),
   Dr. Suresh Kumar (Oncologist Surgeon),
   Dr. Amit & Dr. Sachin Mittal (Intensivist)

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